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Global Projects, Teams, and Groups

Global Projects

Global Projects are longer in duration and designed to facilitate change phenomena worldwide. Projects are oriented toward the global population and often include Teams and Groups to reach people worldwide.

Global Information Projects (GIP)

Global Information Projects seek comprehensive knowledge and viewpoints in particular areas of interest. Projects are incoming efforts to gather facts, opinions, and feelings from people worldwide .

Global Thought Projects (GTP)

Global Thought Projects facilitate global thought in particular fields of interest. Projects are processing efforts designed to think globally utilizing the collective reasoning of individuals, communities, organizations, and nations.

Global Awareness Projects (GAP)

Global Awareness Projects promote global awareness of specific knowledge in particular fields of interest. Projects are outgoing efforts designed to inform and educate individuals, communities, organizations, and nations.

Global Teams

Global Teams are given assignments designed to obtain specific information. Teams glean information from the appropriate people or groups and provide knowledge assets for the benefit all people and cultures.

Global Expert Teams (GET)

Global Expert Teams identify leading experts in various professions and industries. Teams are formed to research and collaborate with prominent experts on global situations and conditions.

Global Impact Teams (GIT)

Global Impact Teams are incoming efforts to realize the impact of situations and conditions on people, communities, organizations, and nations. Teams are formed to gather information and experiences that occur prior, during, and after influential events.

Human Injustice Teams (HIT)

Human Injustice Teams pursue all viewpoints on human rights issues. Teams are formed to gather views and perspectives on international human rights issues from all people and cultures.

Situation Information Teams (SIT)

Situation Information Teams provide initial status and updates on specific international situations. Teams are formed to collect comprehensive information for review and analysis of international events.

Global Groups

Global Groups are long term networks designed to manage specific information. Groups relay information from the appropriate parties and ensure knowledge assets for the benefit all people and cultures.

Global Information Groups (GIG)

The Global Information Groups facilitate comprehensive information flow on international situations and conditions. Groups establish information networks and international resources to facilitate incoming and outgoing knowledge assets.

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