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Human Rights 

Every single individual has rights, even if they go unspoken.

Although it is common for Human Rights to be wielded as an essential issue within communities and nations, it is not uncommon for the rights of individuals to be set aside at the convenience of these same communities and nations. We are, supposedly, an element of humanity, yet there is a common lack of insight about human rights issues from basic interpersonal conditions to complex international situations. And, even when rights issues are identified, there is limited resolve; in fact, a portion of the reason for lack of resolve is because the leadership that is trusted often lacks the ability to manage the situations. The greater the entity (organizations, nations), the greater the potential for impact from rights issues. If the leadership of an organization or nation is not capable, they are contributing to the problems. If the leadership favors the whole over the parts, they will become more progressively an abuser. As long as there is dysfunctional thinking and reasoning there will continue to be increasing rights issues that are infused with the ill concept that degradation of rights is a cost of living. One fact often eludes human rights violations — that is the fact that the abuser does not get to decide what is abuse. Only the victim of abuse can qualify the occurrence of abuse. Although what actions are initiated may imply intent, it is the actual result of the action that defines the abuse. Unfortunately, without the proper understanding of this issues we are not likely to fully comprehend human rights, much less be able to mitigate the conditions.

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