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COVID-19 Shaming: Another Divisive Force in our Society?

27 May 2022 8:00 AM | Thomas Bishop (Administrator)


Shaming takes on many faces and forms in America and likely, around the world. An attempt to name all the shaming types would be impossible, and to only mention, a few might make people feel that their shaming is being marginalized. This blog focuses on one relatively new form of shaming during human events: COVID-19 Shaming. This new form of shaming creates the question:

COVID-19 Shaming: Another Divisive Force in our Society?

The answers to this question are no doubt many and varied but require us to think intellectually and experientially on the topic.

The Conundrum of COVID-19

COVID-19 does not discriminate. Although we have lived with the COVID-19 virus since March 2020, the impacts of divisions between us may in some ways be even greater than the virus itself. I refer to these divisions as COVID-19 Shaming. COVID-19 Shaming occurs in several categories:

  • COVID-19 virus believers
  • COVID-19 virus nonbelievers
  • COVID-19 infected
  • COVID-19 non-infected
  • COVID-19 vaccinated
  • COVID-19 non-vaccinated

There may be more categories to COVID-19 Shaming than those listed here, and please feel free to add to the list by sharing your experiences. COVID-19 Shaming allows us all to share one commonality: No member of any group created the virus. Unfortunately, some will even question this statement.

If we adhere to the premise above that “no member of any group created the virus”, so no one is to blame for the outbreak, then, why does COVID-19 Shaming occur?

How do you feel about the topic of COVID-19 Shaming?

Questions we may need to ask ourselves are:

1. Have you ever been COVID-19 Shamed?

2. If yes, how did being COVID-19 Shamed make you feel?

3. What can we do to stop COVID-19 Shaming?

4. What can we do to reduce and eventually stop the division around COVID-19 Shaming?

At Foreign Affairs Council, we do not take a position on the topics we raise but provide a platform for awareness and expression to cultivate meaningful dialogue. We expect the discourse can be passionate but respectful, open, and inclusive, with the least amount of bias possible.

Author: Burl Randolph, Jr., DM

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