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Foreign Affairs Council, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) with the mission to serve the greater good of all people and cultures with an essential goal to nourish a worldwide need for stabilization, development, and the ability to flourish.

What is Foreign Affairs Council?

Foreign Affairs Council serves as a global learning platform for individuals worldwide to participate and deliberate on international affairs. 

This process forms a pool of knowledge that can educate all people on international and intercultural phenomena.

Through experiential learning each individual has the opportunity to elevate their functional awareness, thinking, and decision making.

World Cultures

Given difference in culture, do you see beauty or conflict?

Our culture reveals the cultivation of our communities over time and the refined nature of our values bubble to the top. As we are exposed to a global melting pot we are at risk of diluting the knowledge that has shaped our heritage.

Human Rights

Every single individual has rights, even if they go unspoken.

Although it is common for Human Rights to be wielded as a priority issue within communities and nations, it is not uncommon for the rights of individuals to be set aside at the convenience of these same communities and nations.

Experiential Learning

Education begins with life and extends beyond the classroom.

We learn and gain knowledge from each of our experiences. We go through our lives being shaped by what we have been exposed to. The real question lies in the collective impact of what our life experiences provide us.

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